September 24, 2018

Walton & Company Introduces Wellness Coach, Kassidy Yeager

Businesses that offer wellness coach services are a special find. Walton & Company has a Wellness Coach for its employees which is just another reason why it is a great business. Walton & Company focuses […]
October 14, 2018

Walton & Company Contributes to Back-to-School Items for Employees’ Children

Walton & Company knows that education at every level is important and that is why they contribute to back-to-school items for the school-aged children of their employees each year. Back-to-school items can be pricey but […]
April 30, 2019

Walton & Company 30 Year Anniversary Celebration

This year Walton & Company is celebrating 30 years! What’s even greater than that, is the employees who have devoted their professional lives, and spent the last 5…10…15..20 even 25, and 30 years to make […]