Building Automation

The Building Automation group designs and installs Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) systems for your buildings HVAC system. Whether it be a commercial office building or a biopharmaceutical clean room, Walton will design a system that will be tailored to meet your control parameter specifications. As technology advances, our ATC systems become more and more user friendly.

As an Authorized Honeywell ACI Controls Integrator and Contractor, we are experienced with:
• SymmetrE
• XL5000 Lon based automation systems
• Webs-AX
• Light Commercial Building Solutions platforms and software.


Honeywell Webs AX System

Walton & Company–Full service Commercial & Industrial Controls Division.
Our Honeywell Webs-AX system is a platform based on the Tridium Niagra framework which is a universal software enabling the user to easily manage and control their systems in real time over the internet. It also easily enables our customers the integration of other facility controls including lighting systems and alarm signaling. This system also allows Walton quick access to diagnose or troubleshoot HVAC problems via the internet, saving time and money associated with service calls.

The Walton Controls Group is also responsible for the commissioning of your buildings HVAC systems during the construction phase. Building Commissioning consists of equipment and controls checkout and startup, air and water balancing, functional testing and owner training; and verifies that your system will operate to the design parameters. Full reports are provided in your Operation and Maintenance Manuals.

Honeywell Authorized Representative

Walton & Company is proud to be one of the few Authorized Representatives for Honeywell in Pennsylvania and Maryland. We'll provide what you need to be able to manage your HVAC equipment for one, two, or as many locations you may have. With the installation of a Honeywell Control System, you'll be able to minimize utility cost while maximizing your budget.