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Platform Solutions for Every Business
Walton & Company is the foremost Mechanical Contractor with the ability to handle big jobs within tight time constraints. If you have a large job with a tight timeframe...call Walton! We will deliver!

Walton & Company’s goal is to provide every customer with unmatched service, solutions, and quality. With our custom fabrication shop, we can provide solutions to every business. Our Custom Platforms, stairs, ladders, and mezzanines make a solid impression on anyone looking to add, enhance, or utilize building accessibility for your demanding application. We can help design your project to your specifications in-house, utilizing our outstanding Engineering/Design Team.  Fabrication happens in our on-site fabrication shop using the best materials available.  Installation of your application is available, ensuring the highest possible quality.

Give us a call today and discover what makes Walton & Company one of the largest, most recommended, and highest-rated full-service Mechanical Contractors in the area.

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Custom Ladders & Stairs

Walton & Company cares about your safety. We can develop a ladder or stairs to custom specifications including height, width, weight, climb angle, or step width, staying within OSHA guidelines. With safety in mind, we can also add railings, cages, and anti-slip surface treatments that will allow your employees or vendors safe, easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Interior or exterior applications, our team of engineers can take your design and make it a reality.

What We Build

Ladder Platforms
Rolling steps, ladders or stairs
Fixed steps, ladders or stairs
Crossover Platforms
Interior or Exterior applications

Platforms & Mezzanines

Work Stations, Storage, Office Space

Expand inside or out. We build custom mezzanines that allow you to optimize the space you have by allowing the use of overhead, and many times unused space. Custom Mezzanines allow you to boost your operational metrics. Custom Mezzanines are built to spec in all aspects including height, weight requirements, and width allowing you to optimize your workspace. 

Custom platforms allow your employees to work in an elevated space while keeping safety a top priority. We build any platform to conform to your needs. From small, one-man platforms to large industrial platforms, Walton & Company has a solution for you. Give us a call today with your ideas and let our engineers and custom fabricators develop a platform to solve any issues you may have.

What We Build

Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum Platforms
Suspended or Elevated Platforms
Maintenance Platforms
Crossover Platforms
Adjustable Height Platforms


What Sets Us Apart

3D Scanning...

Walton & Company has the unique ability to scan your job site to ensure the project we're building is the "perfect fit".

Walton & Company is the foremost full-service Mechanical Contractor. We provide the ability to handle large jobs with tight time constraints. If your project is large or small, give Walton a call!
We would love to have a conversation with you regarding how we can help. If you would like to consult with our Custom Fabrication Department, Contact Bob Cook at bcook@waltonco.comor at 717-916-0487.