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Thought Leadership

Andy Volovar

Andy Volovar


Name: Andrew G. Volovar

Title: President

Department: All

Years of Experience: 40+ Years

Market Expertise: Strongest on the financial side of mechanical contracting, have learned what it takes to be successful - simple repeatable processes

Service Expertise:  In my past employment I helped start and grow the service department to $15 million. I have helped grow the Walton Service Department by creating measures to track and grow revenue & GP

Strengths: There is no magic formula for success in this business, the secret is providing the dedicated employees with the information, the material, tools, and equipment and getting out of their way.

Fun Fact:  I worked as a Roughneck on an oil rig in Corpus Christi, TX for a summer before I graduated from college

Name: James B Norton, P.E.

Title: Vice President

Department: Engineering

Years of Experience: 40

Market Expertise: Commercial, industrial, institutional plumbing and HVAC

Service Expertise: 26 years at Walton

License(s): PE in PA, MD, and DE

Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University

Include One small Sentence: It has been very gratifying to see us evolve from having to convince people that we could handle a project to having people hunt us down because they know that we are the best.

Name 3 projects you are most proud of: Hershey Next Century Project, Boyd’s Bear Country, and OSS Medical Office Building

Fun Fact: I love to fly fish and once competed in the State Fly Tying Competition.


James Norton, P.E.

Vice President | Engineering


Joe Deamer

Senior Project Manager | Sheet Metal Fabrication Manager

Name: Joe Deamer

Title: Senior Project Manager | Sheet Metal Manager

Years of Industry Experience: 35+

Market Expertise: Industrial/Manufacturing Plants, Commercial, Warehouse/Distribution Facilities

Service Expertise: Joe's expertise brings value to his customers through thoughtful communication and detail-oriented organization to ensure the success of all projects.

Strengths: Sheet Metal Fabrication, Custom Fabrication

License(s): RSES/Universal, Thaddeus Stevens School of Technology

Highlighted Projects: Retractable Dust Collection Hood, Local Candy Manufacturer, Local Aquatics Center

Fun Fact: Joe is an avid golfer and enjoys coaching youth sports.

Name: Cindy Eshleman
Title: Director of Human Resources
Department: Support Services
Years of Experience: 20+
Market Expertise: People, Culture, & Relationships
Service Expertise: Communication, Coaching, Active Listening, Team Building & Resourcing Humans with a big H and a little r.
What are your Strengths: I am a perfectionist, this is also one of my weaknesses. I give good advice, but don’t always take my own. An excellent critical thinker that loves solving problems.
3 Highlighted Projects: I don’t have 3 but I had 1 very important project. Helped Deb Olphin, my predecessor, pass the torch so she could close out her legacy at Walton and finally live her best life in retirement.
Fun Fact: I am slightly obsessed with dogs. I own 7 at the present time, so maybe more than “slightly obsessed”. When I was growing up, I was fascinated with wolves and how their packs worked from socializing, parenting, and teamwork.

Cindy Eshleman

Director of Human Resources


Bill Vervaeke

Building Services Manager

Name: Bill Vervaeke

Title: Building Services Manager

Department: Service

Years of Experience: Over 40 years performing all types of HVAC repairs and replacements

Market Expertise: 40+

Service Expertise: Went to work with my father working on Refrigeration when I was 12 years old and loved the feeling of fixing something others could not.

License(s): Maryland HVAC Journeyman

Name 3 projects you are most proud of: Securing Harley Davidson in 2010 for service and Pm Support that we continue to this day. Providing Nissin Noodle plant with 12 new rooftops in 2 contracts. Securing the service and PM support at Glatfelter(Pixelle) in 2007, and again to this day we continue to support this site.

Fun Fact: Avid Motorcyclist who enjoys traveling the entire USA looking for the perfect sunrise and sunset

Name: Terry McCandless Jr

Title: Purchasing Manager

Department: Warehouse

Years of Experience: 29

Service Expertise: Well Pumps

Strengths: Buying material for jobs.

Highlighted Projects: OSS Medical Office Building, Redwood Campus, and Hain.

Fun Fact: I enjoy Volunteering for the Fire Company been doing it for 37 Years.


Terry McCandless

Purchasing Officer


Perry Patton

Sheet Metal Fabrication Supervisor

Name: Perry Patton

Title: Sheet Metal Fab Supervisor

Department: Sheet Metal

Years of Experience: 16

Market Expertise: Sheet metal fabrication

Service Expertise: Fabrication, estimation, pre-construction planning

Strengths: I take pride in working closely with our customers to ensure that we are delivering a quality product in a timely matter.

Name 3 projects you are most proud of: Crown Cork and Seal, Pegula Ice Arena, Merck Pharmaceutical

Fun Fact: I am a huge Philly sports fan. I also love coaching and supporting my two daughters with their sports teams.

Name: Bob Cook

Title: Sheet Metal Sales Manager

Department: Sheet Metal

Years of Experience: 30+

Market Expertise: 17+

Service Expertise: 11+

Strengths: I enjoy speaking with people to understand the problems they are experiencing and offer them solutions within our departments here at Walton & Company.

Name 3 projects you are most proud of: There are so many good ones that I must say I carry a sense of pride on each project done by my colleagues.

Fun Fact: Enjoy spending time with my 4 legged kids, archery shooting/hunting, dirt track racing, and watching my 2 legged kids flourish in their lives.

Bob Cook

Sales Manager
c. 717.916.0487


Todd Gingrich

Safety Officer

Name: Todd Gingrich

Title: Safety Officer

Department: Safety

Years of Experience: 22 years

Market Expertise: Health and Safety Compliance

Service Expertise: Construction – General Industry injury / loss prevention

License(s): OSHA, MSHA, Hazardous communication, Accident Investigation.

Strengths: I am most proud when I witness an employee taking that extra measure to work safely, confirming that our safety culture within the organization is improving.

Highlighted Projects: All projects are deemed a success and most proud when our employees go home safely at the end of the day to enjoy the finer things in life.

Fun Fact: Avid history buff, particularly American Civil War, spends free time Archery hunting and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.

Brian Wentz

Installation Field Superintendent 717.840.2256


After graduating from Northern High School, Brian Wentz followed in his Dad’s footsteps as a Tradesman and started his career working in the Sheet Metal Trade. He began his career working for a local mechanical contractor who provided him the opportunity to attend and graduate from a Pennsylvania registered Sheet Metal Apprenticeship program. During this time, he gained valuable experience working in a fabrication sheet metal shop and on installation projects in the field.

In 1989, Brian was offered the opportunity to help open and establish Walton & Company. After working as a Sheet Metal Mechanic for a few years, Brian moved into the role of a Sheet Metal Field Superintendent and has been managing the work of Walton’s sheet metal field Laborers, Apprentices, Mechanics, and Foremen since 1983. As the trades have evolved over the years, Brian is Walton’s vital link that provides 39+ years of knowledge and understanding about the important elements of precise sheet metal field measurement and installation skills that are so important to quality workmanship.


Brian Wentz

Installation Field Superintendant


Ella Kump


Ella Kump

CFO/Treasurer 717.840.2214


Ella began working with a parent company of Walton in 1989 and eventually transfered to Walton & Company in 1993. Ella has been in the accounting department for her entire career and was promoted to Accounting/HR Manager in 1996. She eventually was promoted to Controller and most recently in 2021 was named CFO/Treasurer.

Ella attended York College of Pa where she studied accounting. She has handled all aspects of the Accounting/HR and payroll duties during her time with Walton & Company

Danny Deatrick

Senior Project Manager—Project Management


Years of Experience: 35
Market Expertise: I work to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions to their mechanical needs in the commercial, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors. Manufacturing/Distributions Facilities, Food Manufacturing/Distribution Facilities, Residential Service Expertise: Ability to listen to our customers and work to find the best solution to their mechanical problems.
Strengths: Walton & Co. strives to fulfill their client’s expectations in a safe and timely fashion, on time, and within budget. Quality will never be jeopardized over costs.

Andy Kalbach

Virtual Design Manager


Years of Experience: 15 years Market Expertise: Commercial design-build including distribution centers, car dealerships, multistory residential, and medical office buildings. Service Expertise: HVAC and plumbing coordination Value-Added Services: Andy takes great pride in managing the virtual design department and meeting the client’s goals of producing a great project in preconstruction to make sure that projects are coordinated and executed efficiently from concept to design to construction. Name at least 3 projects you are most proud of: Harpers Ferry Firing Range, Think Loud Studios, McHenry Row, OSS 3 Story Medical Office, Clark Shoes of Hanover Fun Fact: Andy has spent over 20 years as a volunteer firefighter, currently serving as Deputy Fire Chief of Mountville Fire Company. Andy enjoys the outdoors hunting and fishing. Andy has a wife Megan, and two children, Hunter and Bella.

Wayne Kump

Plumbing & Pipefitting Superintendent


Department: Commercial Plumbing Years of experience: 40+ License: Master Plumber Projects most proud of: Any job that turns out well is on time, and is profitable. Fun Fact: Enjoys spending time with family and friends