Walton & Company Introduces Wellness Coach, Kassidy Yeager

Businesses that offer wellness coach services are a special find. Walton & Company has a Wellness Coach for its employees which is just another reason why it is a great business. Walton & Company focuses not only on clients, but on its employees as well. They realize that offering services such as a Wellness Coach shows employees that they are valued.  

The Role of a Wellness Coach

Walton & Company has enlisted Kassidy Yeager to provide wellness coach services. She provides free, confidential, onsite services. Yeager is a personal resource that can answer questions concerning a variety of health and wellness topics and coach employees to adopt healthier habits and enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle.  At Walton & Company, Yeager is an advocate for the personal health and wellness journey of each team member. She spends time at each Walton & Company facility throughout the month. Yeager is not just someone to consult about exercise, fitness and conditioning, but also areas such as tobacco cessation, stress management, sleep health metric testing, hydration management, and much more.

Meet Kassidy Yeager, Walton & Company’s Wellness Coach

Yeager earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Penn State University prior to becoming a Wellness Coach. She started her career as a Physical Therapist Technician, then as a Biometric Screener and Fitness Clinician. She has a strong background in injury prevention and body mechanics, and has coached individuals on a variety of health topics. Outside of work, Yeager enjoys spending time with her family and dog, playing ice hockey, running, being outdoors, yard games, and reading. Yeager believes that today is a great day to be amazing.

Walton & Company looks out for their employees in every way. Safety and health are top priority. This is why they felt it was important to hire on the services of Kassidy Yeager. A business is only as strong as its team and wellness coach services will serve Walton & Company well to have the strongest team possible.

For more information on Walton & Company’s services call at  717-755-9030 or visit our website.

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