Project Managers

Joe Deamer

Senior Project Manager—Sheet Metal Manager


Years of Industry Experience: 34
Market Expertise: Industrial/Manufacturing Plants, Commercial, Warehouse/Distribution Facilities
Service Expertise: Joe's expertise brings value to his customers through thoughtful communication and detail-oriented organization to ensure the success of all projects. Sheet Metal Fabrication, Custom Fabrication
License(s): RSES/Universal, Thaddeus Stevens School of Technology
Highlighted Projects: Retractable Dust Collection Hood, Local Candy Manufacturer, Local Aquatics Center
Fun Fact: Joe is an avid golfer and enjoys coaching youth sports.

Jack Garner

Project Manager—Construction | Design/Build | Plan/Spec


Years of Experience: 35yrs Total, 22yrs Field Experience, 13yrs Project Management Experience
Market Expertise: Industrial/ Manufacturing Plants, Warehouse/Distribution Facilities, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing/Distributions Facilities, Food Manufacturing/Distribution Facilities, Residential
Service Expertise: Medical Facilities, Specialty Project, Residential
License(s): Associates Degree HVACR Design/Install, Universal EPA Certification, AC &R Safety Certification, Licensed Plumber in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Licensed Gas Fitter in Maryland, Medical Equipment Installation Certification, Medical Gas Braze Certification, 30-Hour OSHA Certification, LEED Green Associate, Certified WardFlex Installer
Strengths: Jack’s knowledge and dedication to his customers help ensure that projects, both larger and small, are completed on time and within budget.
Highlighted Projects: The McHenry Row Complex, Think Loud, Amazon Distribution Warehouse
Fun Fact: Jack is a grandfather of two beautiful little girls.

Clay Reider

Project Manager—Support Services


Years of Industry Experience: 42
Market Expertise: Industrial/Manufacturing Plants
Service Expertise: Industrial Heating & Boilers, Industrial Ventilation, Process Controls Sheet Metal Fabrication, Custom Fabrication
Highlighted Projects: Trenwyth Infrared Burners, RHI Magnesita Oven Upgrade, Hercon Clean Room
Strengths: Clay’s passion and expertise in the industrial heating field, his detailed approach to problem-solving along with 42 years of industry experience are assets that Walton’s customers continue to rely on for excellent service.
Fun Fact: Clay once played in the United States Open Table Tennis Tournament

Matthew Knepper

Project Manager—Operations – Project Management


Years of Experience: 21
Market Expertise: Warehouse/Distribution facilities, Car Dealerships
Manufacturing/Distributions Facilities, Food Manufacturing/Distribution Facilities, Residential Service Expertise: Sheet metal installation – Project Management
Strengths: Matt’s expertise brings value to his customers through thoughtful communication and detail-oriented organization to ensure the success of all projects.
Highlighted Projects: Audi Mechanicsburg, Spangler Farmhouse, Bobby Rahal Lexus

Jim Feeney

Project Manager—Support Services


Years of Industry Experience: 37
Market Expertise: Warehouse/Distribution Facilities, Hospital/Medical Facilities, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing/Laboratory Facilities, Food Processing, University/Education Facilities.
Service Expertise: HVAC
Strengths: My years of experience in multiple industry settings have helped me to provide our clients with unique insight and options to challenges they’ve encountered on projects.
Highlighted Projects: Mount Saint Mary’s Terrace Hall, PPD Laboratory Facility, Perdue Meal Loadout Project.

Danny Deatrick

Senior Project Manager—Project Management


Years of Experience: 35
Market Expertise: I work to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions to their mechanical needs in the commercial, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors. Manufacturing/Distributions Facilities, Food Manufacturing/Distribution Facilities, Residential Service Expertise: Ability to listen to our customers and work to find the best solution to their mechanical problems.
Strengths: Walton & Co. strives to fulfill their client’s expectations in a safe and timely fashion, on time, and within budget. Quality will never be jeopardized over costs.

Jason Hamme

Project Manager—Support Services


Years of Industry Experience: 24
Market Expertise: Commercial/Industrial production | Mechanical Systems
Service Expertise: Piping/Plumbing/Process Systems
License(s) Master Plumber/Pipfitter
Strengths: I enjoy being part of a team that can provide solutions to challenging projects and schedules.
Highlighted Projects: I'm proud of all the projects I've been involved in, but to name 3 that stand out, OSS West York Medical Office Building, Redwood Campus, Becton Dickinson 250 Liquid Media clean room expansion

Jordan Glass

Project Manager—Service Department


Years of Experience: 8
Market Expertise: Commercial / Industrial installation, food processing and packaging, schools and medical facilities
Service Expertise: Building automation and controls
Strengths: Bringing value to our customers by providing unique solutions to complex problems
Highlighted Projects: Kinsley manufacturing VRF, Hain Celestial Building controls, Carpenter technologies
Fun Fact Enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking

Jared Banzhof

Project Manager—Support Services


Years of Industry Experience: 4 (1.5 in current role)
Market Expertise: Industrial/Manufacturing