Walton & Company Contributes to Back-to-School Items for Employees’ Children

Walton & Company Contributes to Back-to-School Items for Employees’ Children

Walton & Company knows that education at every level is important and that is why they contribute to back-to-school items for the school-aged children of their employees each year. Back-to-school items can be pricey but the team at Walton & Company knows that there are some essential items that a child needs to be a successful student, so they give $50 gift cards to employees in an effort to have their students start the year off right.

Walton & Company has many employees and contributing to employees’ back-to-school funds may get expensive, but that doesn’t stop them. This year they gave away $9,000 to employees’ children for back to school. It is a great way to show staff where Walton & Company’s priorities lie…education, employees, family, and community.

Community, Employees, and Their Families

It is rare to find a business that puts the community, its employees, and their family first. Walton & Company has shown over the years that it is focused on more than the bottom line. They consider it a privilege to contribute to several non-profits in our community. They donate monetarily and provide products and services, as well. Over the holiday season, Walton & Company and its employees get involved with community outreach to help those in need. Giving back is a staple throughout the business.

They also show care for employees through the provision of a wellness coach. Having access to a wellness coach will ensure that employees’ needs are taken care of. Employees know that there is someone within the business they work for who can help in the area of mental and physical health.

When employees feel cared for and valued, they are able to be their best. This trickles down to how Walton & Company serves their customers. Employees consistently perform at a level above their competitors and strive to go above and beyond. If you are in need of exceptional mechanical contracting services, contact Walton & Company today at 717-755-9030 or visit our website for more information.


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