Management Staff

Joe Deamer

Senior Project Manager—Sheet Metal Manager


Department: Sheet Metal
Years of Industry Experience: 35+
Market Expertise: Industrial/Manufacturing Plants, Commercial, Warehouse/Distribution Facilities
Service Expertise: Joe's expertise brings value to his customers through thoughtful communication and detail-oriented organization to ensure the success of all projects. Sheet Metal Fabrication, Custom Fabrication
License(s): RSES/Universal, Thaddeus Stevens School of Technology
Highlighted Projects: Retractable Dust Collection Hood, Local Candy Manufacturer, Local Aquatics Center
Fun Fact: Joe is an avid golfer and enjoys coaching youth sports.

Perry Patton

Sheet Metal Fab Supervisor


Department: Sheet Metal
Years of Experience: 17+
Market Expertise: Sheet metal fabrication
Service Expertise: Fabrication, estimation, pre-construction planning
Strengths: I take pride in working closely with our customers to ensure that we are delivering a quality product in a timely matter.
Name 3 projects you are most proud of: Crown Cork and Seal, Pegula Ice Arena, Merck Pharmaceutical
Fun Fact: I am a huge Philly sports fan. I also love coaching and supporting my two daughters with their sports teams.

Terry McCandless Jr.

Purchasing Manager


Department: Warehouse
Years of Experience: 29
Service Expertise: Well Pumps
Strengths: Buying material for jobs.
Highlighted Projects: OSS Medical Office Building, Redwood Campus, and Hain.
Fun Fact: I enjoy Volunteering for the Fire Company been doing it for 37 Years.

Bill Vervaeke

Building Services Manager


Department: Service
Years: of Experience: Over 40 years performing all types of HVAC repairs and replacements
Market Expertise: 40+
Service Expertise: Went to work with my father working on Refrigeration when I was 12 years old and loved the feeling of fixing something others could not.
License(s): Maryland HVAC Journeyman
Name 3 projects you are most proud of: Securing Harley Davidson in 2010 for service and Pm Support that we continue to this day. Providing Nissin Noodle plant with 12 new rooftops in 2 contracts. Securing the service and PM support at Glatfelter(Pixelle) in 2007, and again to this day we continue to support this site.
Fun Fact: Avid Motorcyclist who enjoys traveling the entire USA looking for the perfect sunrise and sunset

Wayne Kump

Plumbing & Pipefitting Superintendent


Department: Commercial Plumbing
Years of experience: 40+
License: Master Plumber Projects most proud of: Any job that turns out well is on time, and is profitable.
Fun Fact: Enjoys spending time with family and friends

Todd Gingrich

Safety Officer


Department: Safety
Years of Experience: 23+ years
Market Expertise: Health and Safety Compliance
Service Expertise: Construction – General Industry injury / loss prevention
License(s): OSHA, MSHA, Hazardous communication, Accident Investigation.
Strengths: I am most proud when I witness an employee taking that extra measure to work safely, confirming that our safety culture within the organization is improving.
Highlighted Projects: All projects are deemed a success and most proud when our employees go home safely at the end of the day to enjoy the finer things in life.
Fun Fact: Avid history buff, particularly American Civil War, spends free time Archery hunting and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.

Andy Kalbach

Virtual Design Manager


Department: Virtual Design
Years of Experience: 15+
Market Expertise: Commercial design-build including distribution centers, car dealerships, multistory residential, and medical office buildings.
Service Expertise: HVAC and plumbing coordination Value-Added Services: Andy takes great pride in managing the virtual design department and meeting the client’s goals of producing a great project in preconstruction to make sure that projects are coordinated and executed efficiently from concept to design to construction.
Name at least 3 projects you are most proud of: Harpers Ferry Firing Range, Think Loud Studios, McHenry Row, OSS 3 Story Medical Office, Clark Shoes of Hanover
Fun Fact: Andy has spent over 20 years as a volunteer firefighter, currently serving as Deputy Fire Chief of Mountville Fire Company. Andy enjoys the outdoors hunting and fishing. Andy has a wife Megan, and two children, Hunter and Bella.

Cindy Eshelman

Director of Human Resources


Department: Support Services
Years of Experience: 20+
Market Expertise: People, Culture, & Relationships
Service Expertise: Communication, Coaching, Active Listening, Team Building & Resourcing Humans with a big H and a little r.
What are your Strengths: I am a perfectionist, this is also one of my weaknesses. I give good advice, but don’t always take my own. An excellent critical thinker that loves solving problems.
3 Highlighted Projects: I don’t have 3 but I had 1 very important project. Helped Deb Olphin, my predecessor, pass the torch so she could close out her legacy at Walton and finally live her best life in retirement.
Fun Fact: I am slightly obsessed with dogs. I own 7 at the present time, so maybe more than “slightly obsessed”. When I was growing up, I was fascinated with wolves and how their packs worked from socializing, parenting, and teamwork.

Danny Deatrick

Senior Project Manager


Department: Construction
Years of Experience: 35+
Market Expertise: I work to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions to their mechanical needs in the commercial, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors. Manufacturing/Distributions Facilities, Food Manufacturing/Distribution Facilities, Residential
Service Expertise: Ability to listen to our customers and work to find the best solution to their mechanical problems.
Strengths: Walton & Co. strives to fulfill their client’s expectations in a safe and timely fashion, on time, and within budget. Quality will never be jeopardized over costs.

Bob Cook

Sheet Metal Sales Manager


Department: Sheet Metal
Years of Experience: 30+
Market Expertise: 17+
Service Expertise: 11+
Strengths: I enjoy speaking with people to understand the problems they are experiencing and offer them solutions within our departments here at Walton & Company.
Name 3 projects you are most proud of: There are so many good ones that I must say I carry a sense of pride on each project done by my colleagues.
Fun Fact: Enjoy spending time with my 4 legged kids, archery shooting/hunting, dirt track racing, and watching my 2 legged kids flourish in their lives.