Large Office Building Weekend Change-Out


Large commercial office building with 35-year-old Rooftop units that were not only lower efficiency but many of the parts are no longer available. We chose the newer York International product with highly efficient cooling and heating. With a commercial building, we needed to perform the project during the weekend so that tenants were not affected.


Our crew of HVAC technicians and Install and Control techs were able to complete the task for 2 days this past weekend. Using Eisenhart Crane we were able to lift the old units off the building and the new ones in place. The project was completed in time and the tenants returning on Monday were unaffected. We also chose to move to natural gas-fired rooftops to allow a morning warm-up program which will allow a reduction in the electrical usage for heating this location.


Bill Vervaeke

Project Manager:

Rich Owens

Departments Involved

Service and Controls




2-day weekend install

Square Footage


Key Notes

There was no downtime or inconvenience to the tenants. The changeout was completed over a 2 day weekend.

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