Walton and Company Help Rebuild After Fire at the Miller Chemical

On June 8, 2015, Miller Chemical, a manufacturer located in Conewago Township, experienced one of the worst fires in the history of Adams County.  Even the small portions of the plant that were not destroyed by the fire needed to be demolished for safety reasons. Things looked grim.

Before cleanup was even complete, Walton & Company engineers, working with Multi-Dimensional Integration located in Shrewsbury, were on site. They worked with Miller Chemical to determine the necessary steps needed to start production of both the liquid and dry products as soon as possible. Walton & Company also assisted with decisions in regard to the construction of Miller Chemical’s new building.

Little to Work with at Miller Chemical, But Much to Gain

As you can imagine, there was little to work with initially at Miller Chemical. Systems ultimately needed to be designed, installed, and commissioned which included thousands of feet of stainless steel, black steel, aluminum, and copper piping, nine mixing tanks, multiple transfer pumps, compressed air systems, spiral ductwork hoods, platforms, steam piping, and controls. It was an involved process that required a lot of work. With as many as twelve Walton & Company pipe fitters and mechanics on-site for much of the time, Miller Chemical was back in production within a year of the fire.

Walton & Company, a Reliable Asset

Just as Walton & Company helped with the rebuild of Miller Chemical, they can assist you with your challenging project. They are equipped to help with large projects, like the one mentioned here, as well as smaller projects. Walton & Company works on commercial and residential jobs. If you have questions about how we can serve you, give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.


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