Your Building Project Is Unique…

John Hettle, President of Walton & Company found this gem just recently digging in his office.  This small write up was a mere introduction from the beginning and the words written on the “high-end brochure” are still true to this day.  Walton & Company is fundamentally stable with its business plan, mission, and forward-thinking processes. Walton is 30 years strong, and excited to start the new year off with these core beliefs:

  • Strong Commitment to Excellence
  • Exceptional Work Ethic
  • Continuous Growth
  • Community Outreach & Support


Your building project is unique.

There will never be another exactly like it.  So Why accept standard solutions that might not fit your needs? Walton& Company engineers and installs mechanical systems that work as designed and as expected. We excel at making buildings smarter and more efficient because we recognize where textbook solutions won’t work.

Walton & Company has the experience to plan and build greater value for the price into any of your facilities: plant, warehouse, or residence. We can make a difference, not only in the ultimate quality of construction but also in the operating life and future use.

Success is no accident. Making better building results from careful calculations, close supervision, and Walton & Company’s strong desire to perform excellent work. Our engineering process designs each project to work better. Within budget. To Specification. On-time.

Walton & Company makes the difference between merely getting your project completed now–and getting your building to work efficiently for many years to come.


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