Walton & Company Provides Employees the Opportunity to Complete an Apprenticeship Program

One of the perks of working at a top-notch business like Walton & Company is having the opportunity to take advantage of an apprenticeship program. On October 18th, Walton & Company kicked off another year of offering apprenticeship opportunities by holding an Apprenticeship Breakfast.

“Apprenticeships hold great promise in helping American workers acquire the skills they need to get good jobs while ensuring companies can attract the talent required to succeed in this fast-moving global economy.”

Labor Secretary R. Alexander Acosta

What Exactly is an Apprenticeship?

Walton & Company utilizes two different schools for their apprentices. Both York County School of Technology (YCST) and Associated Builders and Contractors’ (ABC) Keystone Center have great programs to serve our employees.

Apprenticeship programs are targeted toward giving hardworking people good careers in the construction industry. The goal of each program is to develop skilled workers and craftspeople and teach them a trade they can thrive in while they earn a great income in PA.  These programs allow contractors to employ a highly skilled workforce that has been trained to be the best it can be. On-the-job training is part of our apprenticeship programs, along with classroom instruction which provides the knowledge apprentices need to be up to date in their industry.

The common requirement for the apprenticeship program is 144 hours of schooling each year and a total of 8,000 hours of on the job training for the 4-year program.

Walton & Company’s Apprentices

Walton & Company has had great success with its apprentices. The education that the programs provide is priceless. We do not recruit for these programs, but instead, fill the slots with current employees. This way our employees gain ongoing training and continue to grow while working for us. We currently have a total of 16 employees enrolled in an apprenticeship program. In the plumbing program, there is two first year, one second year, and two third-year apprentices. The sheet metal program has one apprentice in years one through three of the program. The HVAC program has three first year and five second-year apprentices.

We are thankful to offer our employees’ apprenticeship opportunities. If you have questions about this or any services provided by Walton & Company, feel free to check out our website.






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