Walton & Company is Helping to Renovate Former Zakie’s, and Woolworth Buildings

Walton & Company is helping to revitalize the once-bustling downtown York area by completing a portion of the renovation of the former Zakie’s Nightclub and the former Woolworth Department Store, both in the first block of West Market Street. Decades ago, this area served as a busy center for working, shopping, living, and entertainment. Sadly, several of the downtown buildings that were visited by many now sit vacant and are deteriorating, adding decay to the historically rich York City community. Through the Market Street Revitalization Project, Royal Square Development and Construction (RSDC) is helping York rebuild the West Market Street corridor by spearheading this extensive renovation of some of the City’s most prominent buildings. Towards this end, RSDC brought Walton and Company on board to renovate the plumbing and mechanical systems in these buildings.

Zakie’s Building: 25-27 W. Market St. (closed in 1992)

In 1985, Zakie’s opened its doors as one of York’s premier nightclubs. It was a popular spot that allowed hometown bands to gain experience playing for audiences of up to a thousand people. The club closed its doors in 1992, starting a domino effect of Market Street hot spots closing.

The first floor will be turned into a single-use restaurant space, The Fig and Barrel, that will utilize the courtyard of the adjacent Cherry Lane. The 2nd-4th stories will be transformed into six market-rate apartments including a high-end Penthouse suite on the top floor.

Woolworth Department Store: 44-50 West Market Street (closed in 1997)

The Woolworth Building opened as F.W. Woolworth Co. in 1913.  It is one of the few remaining examples of the larger, Colonial Revival buildings that lined York in the 1800s.  It was the center of the community’s retail marketing area. The store secured York’s entry into the world of “Five and Dime” stores-a staple in an era when a nickel or dime would go far.

This building will be redeveloped into three retail spaces on the first floor with a 30-car parking lot in the rear. It will support the addition of two stories that will house 21 market-rate apartments with an open-air common area for outdoor entertaining and leisure.

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  1. Sandi says:

    Please check your opening date for zakie’s. While I was married we went there frequently and I was divorced in early 1985, so I’m thinking It opened maybe early 80’s