Our Ripple: YCL Martin Library

Our Ripple: YCL Martin Library

Funds are the lifeblood of the YCL Martin Library located in York, Pennsylvania. They enable the library to fulfill its mission of providing education, information, and cultural enrichment to the community, making it a valuable resource for all residents. Contributions and support from individuals, organizations, and government entities are essential to the continued success and growth of the library. Walton & Company values its support for the YCL Martin Library due to the library’s steadfast commitment to fostering community education and providing essential resources. We appreciate how our contributions directly enhance the library’s capacity to serve and enrich the lives of our neighbors.

How can you get involved? You can Donate, Shop, or Volunteer…and of course, read, play music, watch movies, and join a fun program!

Donate here -> https://www.yorklibraries.org/support-york-libraries/donate-now/

Shop here -> https://www.yorklibraries.org/shop/

Apply to Volunteer here -> https://www.yorklibraries.org/support-york-libraries/volunteer/

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