Our Ripple: Dollars for Scholars

Our Ripple: Dollars for Scholars

Donations to Southern County Dollars for Scholars help high school seniors attending college or trade school by providing financial support for various educational expenses, reducing the need for student loans, and creating opportunities for a more successful academic and career journey. These scholarships can make higher education more accessible and affordable for deserving students, ultimately contributing to their personal and professional development. This is why we give.

How can you donate? Reach out to your local public school and see if they have Dollars for Scholars in their district. The Southern York County School District Foundation (SYCSDF Dollars for Scholars) is a community-based, private, nonprofit organization located in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania. SYCSDF Dollars for Scholars is affiliated with Scholarship America®.

Donate to Souther York -> https://sycsdf.dollarsforscholars.org/index.php?section=chapterWebsite&action=main&fwID=317

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