Our Powerful Women in Construction

Women in Construction Week is an annual event that celebrates women’s contributions to the construction industry. It is an important initiative that helps to promote diversity and inclusion in the construction industry and highlights the many valuable contributions that women make to this critical sector of the economy.

We asked our Walton Women, “What do you like about working in the construction industry?” Here are some of  their answers:

“What I like most about working in the construction industry is how honest and straightforward the people you work with are.”
Michelle – Service Dispatcher

“Building relationships with customers and every day are different.”
Melody – Service Dispatcher

“What I like most about working in the Construction Industry is the Satisfaction that I get knowing that we are making our Customers happy!  Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority, and Walton Service goes above and beyond to be sure that our Customers are 110% Satisfied. Also getting Letters of Accommodation from our Customers makes this job very rewarding.  We are PROUD of our WHOLE SERVICE TEAM!!!”
Tina – Service Department Office Manager

“I have worked in the “construction” business for almost 20 years now, doing all various things:  scheduling manager, production manager, and Project Manager Admin. I LOVE this type of industry. I always enjoyed visiting job sites and seeing the great work this industry does ~ Building and growing.”
Carolyn – Administrative Assistant

“I like that every day is a learning experience and there is always something new and different.”
Cindy L – PM Assistant

Sitting Row (Left to Right): Sue, Steph F, Ella, and Brenda Middle Row (Left to Right): Kristy, Priscilla, Tina, and Tasha Back Row (Left to Right): Billie Jo, Steph K, Angie, Cindy L, Carolyn, Cindy E Missing from the photo: Teresa and Candie

I enjoy working in the construction industry because it’s unpredictable, every day is something different.”
Tasha – Construction Contracts Administrator

“I love that there are never two days in a row the same.”
Kristy – Human Resource Generalist

“The construction industry is unique and requires a team effort. I love to see the collaboration that is needed on a project from start to finish.”
Cindy E –  Director of Human Resources

 “Women bring a different view to every issue that arises and experience life differently than men do. You get to bring those different experiences to the table and potentially a new outlook or solution.  I enjoy being able to work alongside seasoned colleagues that will help me grow in the construction industry.”
Ella – Chief Financial Officer

“I enjoy interacting with people and learning about the construction business since I came in with no experience with construction.”
Sue – Receptionist

“There is always something new to do and learn.”
Angie – Senior Dispatcher

“I like that the construction industry is very challenging. There is always something new to learn while being challenged as well. I love that the construction industry has embraced and become accepting of women in the industry.”
Tilicia – Sheet Metal Mechanic

“I work hard for my money, I like that. I’m paving a way for my sisters. I am one of 8 siblings: my oldest brother is in the Army, my sister is a nurse, and my other brother works here at Walton. I have 4 younger sisters, and I want them to know they can do anything, and be anything they set their minds to. My dad passed away a bit ago, and he was in the industry, I feel like I’m picking up where he left off. That’s special, we would have done this together.”
Virginia – Sheet Metal Shop, Light Gauge Laborer

At Walton, we are here to encourage women to enter the industry and help eliminate barriers, develop opportunities, create a supportive workplace, and celebrate our Women in Construction, not just one week out of the year, but all year long. #waltonproud

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