John Hettle, President 11/9/98 thru 5/26/21

Walton & Company Mechanical Contractors Servicing Maryland and Pa

May Twenty-Sixth, Two Thousand Twenty One

There are many things that could be said about the last 23 ½ years, but one sticks more than others, “Family”, we are Family. The drive we put into our work and our company is for the sole purpose of, to take care of our family(s). My daily goals were to review company-wide projects, events, jobs, and daily processes of everything I knew of or was told about, make sure the plan was working, and the people that were working the plan were rewarded, and ensure their families are taken care of in many different ways of which a paycheck was not 1 of them. A paycheck is a given. I know I pushed and probably upset a lot of folks over my tenure but it was always for the good of the company and to get where we are today. For those that I got under your skin I’d like to apologize, but please know I was only doing my job, and my job was to make this company not only survive, but thrive.

Walton & Company will always be in my heart and I’d like to thank everyone for their hard work over the years. It takes a team to achieve the level of accomplishments we’ve had and I leave the company to your capable hands. You all got us where we are and I’ll enjoy watching this company grow and flourish in the coming years from the outside. You are all champions and as I leave, I believe, “we have won”. 

Please continue to grow together and build the legacy that has become known as “The Walton Way”. 


May God Bless

~John Hettle, 

President 11/9/98 thru 5/26/21

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