Happy Retirement Sharon McNeil!

Just shy of three months, Sharon would have had 21 years with Walton & Company. It’s time to say goodbye to her Walton Family and Hello to Retirement for Sharon McNeil. She adored the people she worked with, “they have been like family,” Sharon says. She also enjoyed the challenges that came with the accounting job – “every day was different”: payroll, purchase orders, accounts receivable, and tracking down timesheets or cost codes from the guys in the field or the service department. Sharon is looking forward to NOT having an agenda every day and doing what she loves, which is quilting, cross-stitching, knitting, crocheting, and scrapbooking (which are all relaxing to her) and spending some time with her rescue pup Grizzle, an 11-year-old spunky guy. She also wanted to thank Andy Volovar and Ella Kump for all their support throughout the years.
We will miss you Sharon, Happy Retirement!
Pictured is Sharon holding a plaque in memory of her late husband, Dean, he was a Warehouse Manager for many years and passed away.  Walton & Company dedicated a pear tree in his honor, which is still bearing fruit from 9 years ago.

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