Happy Retirement Deborah Olphin!

Happy Retirement Deborah Olphin!

*Pictured from Left to Right: Andy Volovar, Ella Kump, 'Our Main Star' Deb Olphin, Cindy Eshleman, and Teresa Hain

“All good things must come to an end.” We said, “Best Wishes” to Deb Olphin, our Human Resources Manager. “It’s a bittersweet retirement, but it’s time”, she adds.

Deb is pretty excited to have her last day today, Friday, July 29, 2022, she’s giving herself a couple of days’ rest, and off she goes with her hubby Phil, to travel to Colorado and New Mexico. She and her husband of 39 years will be horseback riding, hiking, enjoying the scenery, and just taking some time for themselves. She’s excited to spend time with family in the coming months.

Andy Volavar, President of Walton & Company, commented at her retirement gathering, “Deb’s been with us for 14.5 years, and she’s been driving the bus for 7 years as our Human Resources Manager. We never had to worry about HR things, everything was getting done and getting done right, she got us through our covid years, and that in itself was an accomplishment. We sure will miss her”.

Deb will be missing the close network she has found here at Walton, but as her retirement t-shirt says, “Retired HR, Not My Problem Anymore!”, and with that said,  we wish her all the best with her next journey in life, Happy Retirement Deb!

Not My Problem Anymore

Your friends from Walton!

*Pictured from Left to Right:
Andy Volovar, Ella Kump, ‘Our Main Star’ Deb Olphin, Cindy Eshleman, and Teresa Hain

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