Can you imagine walking into the same office for more than 28 years? It’s really something many of us strive for, to enjoy a job and the company we work for to the point that we stay with them for many years. For Tom Hunt that is exactly what he found with Walton & Company. I think it is safe to say that those at Walton & Company enjoy him, as well. Tom is a Senior Mechanical Designer and was a standout when the subject of the employee spotlight came up.

More About Tom Hunt

Tom’s supervisor, James Norton, nominated him for the spotlight because he takes great pride in what he does and in Walton & Company. He is a hard worker and takes full ownership of the projects he is involved in. In addition to all of that, Tom is known for being honest. How is that for a great employee?

Tom holds an associate degree from Penn State in electrical engineering technology. He has had years of on-the-job training and has attended seminars in the field of HVAC and plumbing. He began his career by first installing residential and light commercial air distribution HVAC systems. He then moved on to hold a position in drafting mechanical systems for two separate consulting engineering firms.

You may ask exactly what Tom does as a Senior Mechanical Designer. His day is spent doing design/build estimates and providing the designing/engineering/coordination requirements with rough pencil drawings. Tom is also tasked with proofing all CAD drawings before they are released for permitting or construction.

When asked what he likes about his job, Tom’s first response is that he enjoys working on many different projects and meeting a lot of people. He also likes the variety of challenges that arise and the fact that he gets to see what does and does not work and gives feedback. When asked about the challenges of his job, Tom points out that it is sometimes difficult to meet deadlines, especially given that job specifications change so frequently during a project. He adds that it is challenging to actually discuss projects in person at job meetings or on the phone, as younger generations like to coordinate via email.

Tom Hunt has been a great addition to the team at Walton & Company. We are thankful for his years of service and hope for many more.

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