Dedication to Providing a Safe Work Place

Walton & Company is Dedicated to the Safety of All Workers

Walton & Company is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment to all of its employees and customers. It is our belief that protecting the public and preserving the assets of the company are most important.

Walton & Company is genuinely committed to the highest level of management in this respect. Safety programs are established to accomplish this purpose and are  maintained and carried out through all aspects of the organization.  Our business philosophy will continually be conducted on the this principal; “Our work is never so urgent, or important, that we cannot take the time to do it safely.”

From basic Crane Picks, to fast paced Helicopter Picks, all employees are held to paramount standards and are responsible for safe operations throughout each project. This responsibility begins at the top with the management team and continues to all areas of business. 

All employees and subcontractors are charged with ensuring and maintaining a safe work environment for themselves, their fellow employees, and the clients which Walton & Company serves.

Current Projects

Currently, Walton & Company is providing all  HVAC and plumbing systems to a five-story apartment complex project underway in downtown Baltimore Md. Not only does the location of the project pose safety concerns to our employees, but it is an extremely fast-paced project with various trades working at the same time. This can create daily hazards and unsafe conditions that require all trades to make a conscious effort to work together in the safest possible manner.

From Motorcycle factories, to local paper mills, to armored vehicle factories, our employees take pride in providing a high quality service in the safest manner.  

Safety is Always at the Forefront

Safety is an integral part of every Walton and Company project. Call today to schedule your project and rest assured that it will be completed safely by a team of professionals who have been properly trained.

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