The Benefits of a Large Building Services Department

There are several benefits of having the largest building service department in the area:

  1. Expertise and experience: Larger departments, like Walton, often have more experienced and knowledgeable staff who are able to handle a wider range of building service tasks. We specialize in areas like HVAC, plumbing, on-field technical repair, and service work in a facility or in the field.
  2. Efficiency and productivity: Larger departments, like ourselves, are able to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently than smaller departments, as we have more resources and staff available to work on projects.
  3. Availability and responsiveness: With more staff available, we are better equipped to respond to emergencies or urgent requests for service. This can be particularly important in situations where building safety or security is at risk.
  4. Reduced costs: Larger departments, like ourselves, may be able to negotiate better prices for equipment, supplies, and services due to their size and purchasing power. This can result in cost savings for building owners and managers.
  5. Enhanced quality control: At Walton, we have more rigorous quality control processes in place, as they are responsible for maintaining a higher volume of buildings and facilities. This can help ensure that all work is done to a high standard and that issues are identified and addressed promptly.

If you aren’t already on our Preventative Maintenance Plan, please reach out to our service department, 800-839-1848. New Customers can receive 10% off the first year with a 3-year contract.

Quarterly Service Leader Team Meeting

Quarterly Service Leader Team Meeting

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