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Spiral Duct

Walton & Company Sheet Metal & Fabrication

At the forefront of our business is our fully customizable Spiral and Rectangular Ductwork. Our facility is located in York Pennsylvania and boasts 36,000 square feet of shop area for our manufacturing division. From Round Duct, Rectangular and Square Ductwork, Elbows and Fittings, the whole way to Specialty Metals, we have the ability to provide our customer's with the most advanced products to suit any, and all their needs.

All duct is made to SMACNA standards, however, we also have our own requirements:
•Each Joint Of Duct Is Sealed
•All Of Our Duct Is Delivered Assembled, Not "L"
•All Connecting Hardware & Hanging Material Is Included In Our Pricing

Coil Line

Walton & Company is a full service Mechanical Construction & Engineering Company.
Because we are mechanical contractors first, & not just a Sheet Metal Fabrication House, we understand what customers expect in sheet metal products. We use only G-90 Domestic Galvanized Steel for our Standard Duct.

All duct is made to SMACNA standards, however, we also have our own requirements:
•Each Joint Of Duct Is Sealed
•All Of Our Duct Is Delivered Assembled, Not "L"
•All Connecting Hardware & Hanging Material Is Included In Our Pricing


Plasma Tables

With 36,000 square feet of fabrication space, the Walton Metal Fabrication Group can provide our customers with quality metal fabrications in virtually any material type and thickness.

Having Commercial and Industrial Sheet Metal installers, Walton fully understands field quality requirements and schedules. In fact, Walton fabricates ductwork and specialty metal projects for many of our mechanical construction “competitors” to assist them in meeting their contract terms and conditions. Using Iowa Precision and Vulcan based automated fabrication capabilities, Walton will provide quality ductwork delivered to your facility or site in a timely manner and fully in accordance with SMACNA Sheet Metal Standards.

Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrications such as hoods, curbs, structural steel, welded duct, specialty tables and carts, machine guards, prefabricated piping and many other products are fabricated in our weld shop area using welders certified to Walton qualified ASME procedures.

If presented a drawing, sketch or idea, Walton will provide a competitive price and a quality product.

Barry Blum
Sales and Marketing Manager

Full Service Sheet Metal Shop

•Square And Round Ductwork
•Elbows And Fittings
•Structural Fabrication
•Roof Curbs
•Equipment Rails
•Exhaust Hoods
•Spiral Duct And Fittings
•Slip Drive, T.D.C. And Welded Duct
•Shop Pre-fabrication Available
•Specialty Metals

Walton & Company takes great pride in our ability to provide exactly what our cutomers need. We offer a total solution package that keeps on the top of our competetors list. We are most proud of our shop, workers and our ability to exceed expectaitons. Our shop is the lifeblood of our company and our staff will go above and beyond to ensure your project is handled with the upmost professionalizm.

Joe Deamer
Metal Fabrication Manager

Joseph Deamer

Senior Project Manager/Sheet Metal Fabrication Manager

He is a graduate of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology where he studied Sheet Metal Fabrication & Welding.

Joe has Twenty-Four years worth of experience in Sheet Metal Fabrication, Installation, HVAC Hydraulic Piping, Systems and Refrigeration. Joe has worked for Walton & Company a total of 13 years. He started out at Walton & Company working in our Fabrication Shop; he then entered the field as a Forman on Commercial projects for a total of 2 years then obtained a Project Managers position. Joe has since been promoted to Senior Project Manager a position he has held for 5 years and also was recognized the title of Sheet Metal Fabrication Manager which he has held for 4 plus years respectively.

Joe is recognized by the ABC Keystone Chapter as an NCCER Certified Mentor for the states certified Apprenticeship Program.

Joe is also a member of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society.

For more information please contact: Joe Deamer
Metal Fabrication Manager

Feature Project

Clarks Shoes Distribution Center

Clarks Distribution is a half-million square foot facility that includes a 4-story office as well as automated conveyor and racking system. This new facility is aiming to achieve a LEED Gold rating through the use of the high-efficiency HVAC filtration, low consumption plumbing fixtures, and a 10,000 gallon Rainwater Harvesting System, among many other building attributes. This 75' tall building required the use of a helicopter to lift all of the 52 pieces of rooftop HVAC equipment into place. Also included is a full HVAC Building Management System to maximize control and efficiency from a single point of use.

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Joe Deamer

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