Shaping Young Minds with Career Exploration

There are so many opportunities for high school students to find a career they might like in the trades, and we are happy to help them investigate. Whether it be sheet metal shop tours and field perspective to CAD drafting to service technicians, we want to take the time and help them learn what we do, after all, the youth is the next generation to conquer the industry.

We had the pleasure of hosting Spring Grove Area School District’s Technology Class with Mr. Richard, he is the Technology Education Teacher and focuses on CAD, Robotics, Engineering & Pre-apprenticeship, which is right up our alley. He brought down 17 juniors/seniors to take a tour, ask some questions, and see if any students were inspired after graduation to make a great living, work with their hands, and be a part of our team.

We were able to slow the entire shop down for a few high school students, set up and explain what each department does, and have a little Q & A with the students and teachers. Some of our favorite quotes from these young minds are, “I was amazed at all the things going on in the place”, “I thought it was really cool how every piece was finished by hand so neatly and correctly“,  “they have some really cool toys to help them do neat things“,  “I could see myself working there”, “The BIM is amazing how they can map out a room and use that map to plan down to the inch”, “They all get along so well. It seems like everyone likes working there.”.

We are happy to have any school district take a tour of our facilities, please reach out to Joe Deamer, Senior Project Manager, Sheet Metal Manager at 717-840-2212, or

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