Walton & Company has been taking the initiative to put today’s students on a journey into “the day of the life of a tradesman”. We’ve been spending a lot of time recently in multiple schools throughout the county speaking to and educating upper-level students. We understand and respect that college may not be for everyone, and if college isn’t right for you, we offer jobs and positions to qualified candidates to make an honest living.

Mainly focusing on Juniors and Seniors in high school, our managers and employees in the shop are taking to the classroom to shine a light on what Walton does. We’re looking for students that want a paid internship over the summer months with the hope of converting them into an Apprenticeship Program that will eventually lead to becoming a Journeyman. We are giving these students a path to follow that will eventually lead to high-paying jobs and become the workhorse of our great nation.

For more information on careers and apprenticeship programs, please contact Cindy Eshleman, Director of HR, or Joe Deamer, Sheet Metal Manager.


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