McHenry Row

No project defines Walton and Company’s diversity more than McHenry Row. This multi-building complex lays on a 20-acre site, once a facility operated by Philips Seafood, just one mile west of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, MD.

Work began at the complex in 2010 with Walton and Company getting involved in 2011. To date, the property includes eight buildings with more than 200,000 square feet of office space, retail tenants ranged from banking to full-service restaurants, three parking garages, a Harris Teeter grocery, Diamondback Brewery, an apartment complex’s offering common spaces with a working gas fireplace, a swimming pool with outdoor cooking facilities and formal lobby with front desks. There are future plans for a 4- story office building and a hotel before the complex will be completed.

Walton and Company have been instrumental in helping get the complex to where it is today. Walton and Company designed, installed, and maintains the HVAC and plumbing on many of these buildings. They have completed, or are in the process of constructing, 44 different projects within this complex, with a total contract amount in excess of $10,000,000.00. These projects including everything from welding handrails for M & T Bank, to installing a Variable Flow Refrigerant heat pump system to serve a 4 story office building. At present, Walton and Company is working on the plumbing and HVAC system on a 7-story, 224 tenant apartment complex. We have done the HVAC and plumbing design on 27 different tenants, have a service contract to maintain over 200 pieces of heating and cooling equipment, have been part of coordination design on a 4-story office building and a 7-story apartment complex.  During these projects, Walton and Company have worked hand-in-hand with several different General Contractors and numerous other subcontracts.

Walton and Company precision to detail and abilities to perform any job large and small have gained the trust of the owners to advice on several topics not only at this complex but other complexes as well.