ODEA Medical Building

Out with the Old in with the New

In 2013 Walton and Company was asked to take over a site for HVAC support called ODEA. We found the previous service company was providing support that was not in line with a large commercial property. During the past 5 years, we worked to elevate the operation of the equipment. During 2018 the US Government passed a tax code 179 that allows an owner to take a one-time tax break on equipment replacement up to $1 million. We met with the owners and showed them the savings new units would provide in both energy and service savings. Even though Walton’s proposal was greater than the other companies quoted we were selected due to our explanation of the project and our ability to provide a weekend installation and completed turn over in 48 hours. We were able to evaluate the site and develop a replacement quote to eliminate the numerous equipment failures that were happening beforehand. The job went as scheduled with our start time at 5 pm on Friday night and completed  Sunday afternoon by 5 pm for the company to start their week on Monday.

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