Industrial Manufacturing Catwalk Systems


The client has large machinery that often requires maintenance as well as adjustments of swapping out components based on the desired product output. The machines are in semi-transparent enclosures. These enclosures have personnel access doors on all sides, as well as high and low. The customer needs an ergonomic and most importantly a safe way to service the upper part of the machine.


Design, fabricate, and install a catwalk system that will safely allow ease of access to the upper levels of the production machinery for upkeep. The site is filled with product lines and other miscellaneous equipment. Using our Faro 3D scanner along with the latest Modeling Software, our team was able to scan the area so that we can confidently place the columns of the catwalk system.


Engineering (CAD & Design)
Sheet Metal & Fabrication


Industrial Food-Grade Manufacturing




Hanover, Pa

Key Notes

There was no downtime with production. Special care was taken to ensure the cleanliness of the customer's product throughout the installation of the catwalk system.


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