Cleanup Crew Finds a Treasure

A few Fridays ago turned out a bit different for some of our office staff. A few outstanding individuals volunteered to spend their afternoon cleaning up our property around 1800. Over the years the constant flow of traffic going past our building had our property looking, “a little to be desired”. Our employees said that’s enough, time to clean it up.

A special shout out to our volunteers, Cindy Little, Bob Cook, Andy Volovar, Todd Gingrich, Bill Vervaeke, Jeremy Drawbaugh, Andy Kalbach, Terry McCandless, Mark Shaw, Jim Norton, Tom Hunt, Karl Dundore, Jason Hamme, Danny Deatrick, Joe Markel, Candi Atwell, Tim Emerich, Deb Olphin, Chuck Stauffer, and Ella Kump.

We asked around if anyone found anything interesting, and low and behold someone found a little piece of history; a handwritten letter dating back to July 30, 1945, talking about the 33rd President, Harry Truman, and the decisions he made in that era. Where did this letter come from you ask? Answer: on one side of Industrial Highway! The letter looked like it was written in pencil, so we did use our photoshop skills and enhanced the letter so we could read it better. We hope you enjoy a little bit of history too.


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